Ever Buy a Book You Hated?

And regret spending the money?

How do we avoid that? Good, honest, reviews by people like you and I. Now, I admit I haven't written as many as I should.

There are a lot of wonderful books I haven't given my full throated support to and shame on me!

There are others that just weren't for me. That is okay. Not every book is for everybody.

I live by a simple rule: If I don't have something nice to say, I don't say anything at all. Life is too short. The world too small. But most importantly, the world is a better place when we are kind and thoughtful towards one another.

Share our opinions!

I am looking for people who believe as I do; honest, kind, thoughtful people who want to read and review my books ahead of everyone else.

Never written a book review before?

I hadn't either but I realized that if I wrote to share with others what I enjoyed, that might help them decide if the book was right for them.

Join a group of advance copy readers or ARC's named the "Broad Street Band" to review my upcoming books!

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