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"His Plan.
We aren't expected to understand it, just live through it..."
"Our choice, how."

We travel along with friends and foes alike past the putrid smelling, dung-filled alleys of London, near Threadneedle street in the east, past the pristine goldsmith shops on cobblestone-paved Cheapside, home of The Angel, to Red Fox Inn near Newgate prison in the west where the smell of human filth, desperation, and fear is so overpowering, nearby businesses are sometimes forced to close.

Too many people looking for work, too many ‘strangers’ from France seeking sanctuary, too few rooms, too few jobs and too little food… across London in 1618, life is cheap.

Our new friends profess belief in their duty to tell the truth and support justice, but they are no crusaders. Their journey to survive is far from limited to the streets they walk. They struggle to define their duty and how far they will go to help the Sheriff bring justice. The choices we hope they make and fear they won’t will change their lives forever.

 We smile and shake our heads, reflect on the remarkable souls whose lives intertwine in ways that in the end left us cheering, laughing, hoping, praying …wondering.


On the Wings of Angels Series

  • Step back in time to 1618 London, where the cobbled streets tell tales of passion, innovation, determination, integrity, and courage.
  • Meet Elizabeth Bowmar, a young and gifted midwife, her skill matched only by her desire to do right by the women in her care. With her midwife’s license days away, Elizabeth must protect her pristine reputation at all costs. Her father hopes that the license that guarantees an additional source of income; will attract suitors for his independent daughter.
  • In the same vibrant city, a young Peter-the-son Chamberlen stands out with his extraordinary intellect. As a member of the Chamberlen family, pioneers of the obstetrical forceps, Peter carries the weight of the family legacy on his shoulders. When he meets Elizabeth, it sparks a connection that will affect both their lives.
  • Alexander Berkley returns to London from Virginia after embarking on a daring journey to build a plantation. His return to London stokes his father’s expectation that he will finally commit to an arranged marriage, but Alexander’s heart is set on something far more profound. Alexander dreams of providing land for his future sons, to build their own plantations. 

  • John Cardesse assumes the role of the new Sheriff, tasked with taming the rampant crime plaguing London. His days are filled with the grim reality of Newgate Prison, where filth, desperation, and hopelessness collide. He discovers resilience and determination in a family of audacious young orphans who want to grow to become the family men they aspire to be.